Blake Teipel


Blake is the chief executive officer and a co-founder of Essentium, Inc., where he is responsible for managing the company’s fast-growing business across the world. Essentium is pioneering multiple 3D printing technologies that remove the current limitations surrounding additive manufacturing, allowing factory floors everywhere to be transformed.

In his role as CEO, Blake’s strategy is focused on innovation in both materials and production platforms, disrupting traditional manufacturing processes by bringing strength and speed together, at scale, with a no-compromise material set. Blake’s team delivers industrial solutions for the world’s top manufacturers enabling them to shift the role of additive manufacturing from prototyping to full scale production. Under Blake’s leadership, Essentium raised $22.2M in Series A funding, one of the largest A-rounds in the history of additive manufacturing. Prior to his role at Essentium, Inc., he was co-founder and CTO at a predicate company, Essentium Materials, which was awarded the SME Innovation Grand Prize in 2016 for its unique electromagnetic welding technology, which is currently scaling.

In addition to co-founding Essentium Materials in 2013, Blake co-founded TriFusion Devices, a 3D printed medical device venture aimed at custom, high-strength applications in the biomedical and sporting goods industries. Since inception, TriFusion has printed and shipped more than 2,000 bespoke medical devices to clinicians across North America.

Prior to Essentium, Blake was a senior engineer at Caterpillar Global Work Tools and Services where he helped develop Hydraulic Hammers which were manufactured in Waco, TX and sold worldwide. Blake also had a short stint at John Deere Power Systems where he worked as an engine engineer with design responsibility for sub-systems for iT4 off-highway diesel engines.

Blake holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. Blake holds several pending and awarded patents and has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. In his free time, he enjoys wood working, golf, and spending time with his family.

Blake Teipel

Lars Uffhausen

Lars Uffhausen is the chief operating officer, chief financial officer and co-founder of Essentium, Inc. In his duties as chief operation officer, Lars is responsible for overseeing the overall business operations strategy, empowering the operational team with the leadership and resources they need to successfully deliver innovative 3D printing, high-speed extrusion technology, crucial for Essentium’s growth and success. Lars also acts as Essentium’s chief financial officer, responsible for the day-to-day financial operations of the company. Under his direction, Essentium has raised one of the highest Series A funding in the history of additive manufacturing.

Lars brings deep technology and leadership experience to Essentium, having worked in manufacturing services, semiconductor production, and automotive sound engineering. Prior to joining Essentium in 2017, Lars was head of BizDevOps at Tulip, an innovative Industry 4.0 manufacturing app platform, where he helped the manufacturing workforce improve efficiencies, share best practices, reduce downtime, and increase the consistency and safety of their manual processes. Lars contributed as investor and early employee to Tulip’s expansion which lead to Series A Venture Capital funding.

Lars previously led Technology Trends & Investments at Jabil, responsible for identifying and tracking technology trends, stewarding the company’s innovation investment portfolio processes, and leading the strategic capabilities managers through the development of business plans and investments, which contributed to over $6B in revenue. He was responsible for starting new strategic capabilities and incubating them through an initial strategy and pioneer funding. He launched partnerships with the MIT Media Lab and MassChallenge out of Boston to accelerate innovation efforts.

Lars was also the CFO and COO at In2Technologies, a consumer electronics company where he helped prepare an executive team seed-funding. Lars led deal structure and negotiations, including shareholder agreements, vesting schedules, IP protection, JV & M&A, and was instrumental in completing an acquisition process in four weeks. Lars has held senior positions at Wolfe Engineering as chief operating officer, founder and CEO of Microflare, and founder and CEO of Simplicity In Sound.

Lars earned dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering at Universities in Germany and the UK. He also holds Modern Finance and Advanced Entrepreneurship Certificates from Stanford University. He has received numerous awards and accolades including ‘Top Performer’ in the Silicon Valley Business Journal; ‘Top 10 Retailer and Dealer of the Year’ at CES 2013, and ‘Best Innovation at the CES 2012.’

Lars Uffhausen

Blake Mosher

Blake Mosher, Chief Commercial Officer of Essentium, Inc.

Blake Mosher is CCO of Essentium, Inc. where he is responsible for advancing Essentium’s commercial relationships and helping Essentium’s customers maximize their value. The revolutionary Essentium portfolio of products create significant opportunities for business agility via working capital reduction, operational efficiencies, plus the amazing customization possibilities enabling Essentium customers to design and build their future.

In his role as CCO, Blake’s core responsibility is global oversight of marketing, application engineering, sales, and service, delivery, and support. Blake’s primary objective in his role as CCO is orchestrating the consistency and quality of each commercial experience globally, constantly embedding and representing the voice of the customer into every aspect of Essentium, and growing, protecting, and maximizing Essentium’s Brand Equity.

Overseeing the commercial team, Blake will guide Essentium’s portfolio of products in the marketplace to help Essentium customers increase business agility with a bold new way of approaching the manufacturing floor thus enabling the successful delivery of Additive Manufacturing and digital inventory strategies. The Essentium commercial team and Essentium’s current strategic customer relationships are agents of agility transforming businesses around the globe with the help of Essentium’s product portfolio and adapting to market transformations and the constantly changing pace and needs of business.

With more than 30 years of expertise in building teams, Blake brings proven entrepreneurship and customer centric leadership in industries such as computer accessories and automotive and with recent projects such as LiveAnew and Lazarus Brewing. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Blake started his career serving as co-founder and CEO of a computer accessories company and has held executive roles in multiple companies and organizations. He and his wife Melanie have five children.

Erik Gjovik

Erik Gjøvik is the chief product officer and co-founder of Essentium, Inc. Erik leads Essentium’s product vision and strategy to deliver groundbreaking 3D printing solutions that transform industrial additive manufacturing.

In his role as chief product officer, Erik has led the development of innovative 3D printing solutions to solve the historic challenges of speed, strength and scale that many manufacturers have faced when trying to deploy additive manufacturing in their production workflows. His outstanding development of business structures and practices has resulted in industry-leading, exceptional quality and high-performance products.

Erik brings a wealth of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and operations spanning diverse industries such as consumer electronics, aerospace, robotics and semiconductors. Prior
to joining Essentium in 2017, Erik was senior director of engineering services for Additive Manufacturing at Jabil. During his time at the firm, Erik led a team that created machines, processes and materials to capture leading positions for Jabil in production additive manufacturing.

Erik was previously director of engineering, mechanical and production for mophie Inc. where he led product development from inception to release for a broad range of mobile lifestyle products. Erik restructured the New Product Introduction system at mophie, resulting in a 3x increase product introductions while at the same time improving Time-to-Market by 45 percent. As senior manager of manufacturing design engineering for Apple Inc. Erik led a manufacturing engineering team to work on Apple’s most advanced projects including class-leading Apple laptops. He drove innovative techniques to create quality products in an ultra-high-volume CNC environment.

Erik has also held senior positions at Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Orthodyne Division, where he was director of manufacturing operations; Trio Manufacturing (Trulok) as director of engineering, and Lisi Aerospace where he was senior design engineer. In these roles, Erik applied visionary thinking and engineering excellence to create high-performance design and manufacturing processes while driving detailed execution to fuel business growth.

Erik holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Terry Macneish

Terry MacNeish is the head of research and development for machines and co-founder of Essentium, Inc. Terry is responsible for driving the innovation behind the company’s ground-breaking high-speed, high-precision 3D printing systems. His team have achieved numerous patents for machine solutions that disrupt traditional manufacturing processes enabling manufacturers to shift the role of additive manufacturing from prototyping to full-scale production.

Brandon Sweeney, PH.D.

Brandon Sweeney is the head of research and development and co-founder at Essentium, Inc. Brandon leads research and development into the ground-breaking materials Essentium is creating to revolutionize industrial additive manufacturing.

In his role, Brandon has been instrumental in researching the bleeding-edge material science needed to bring Essentium’s 3D printing technology to life. Brandon’s work at Essentium combines breakthroughs in thermoplastic polymer 3D printing through its proprietary military grade electric field technology and carbon nanotube-coated filament, the company’s FlashFuse™ filament technology, which together more than doubles the interlayer strength of a traditional 3D printed component. These technologies combine to help businesses solve the challenges of speed, strength, and scale with the use of 3D printing in additive manufacturing.

Brandon has also co-founded the company, TriFusion Devices, a company whose technology promises to finally produce 3D printed parts with mechanical properties that rival conventionally manufactured parts, setting the stage for a true 3D printing revolution in the orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) industry.

Brandon has a Ph.D. from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University where he was instrumental in creating a specialized printer while studying the heating effect of carbon nanotubes upon exposure to microwave irradiation in order to weld 3D printed parts at the nanoscale.

Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Before graduate school at Texas A&M, Brandon worked as a research scientist at the Army Research Labs stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. During his time at the Army Research Labs, Brandon gained experience in nanotechnology development and 3D printing for robotic vehicles.

Brandon Sweeney

Elisa Teipel, PH.D.

Elisa Teipel is the chief development officer and co-founder of Essentium, Inc. Elisa is responsible for customer-centric innovation by leading cross-functional engineering teams for new products and services to digitally transform businesses and disrupt the traditional manufacturing market.

In her role as CDO, Elisa is focused on new technologies to enable complete and no comprise 3D printing solutions that remove the barriers of speed, strength, and scale to accelerate industrial scale additive manufacturing.

Elisa brings more than a decade of experience in materials innovation and has secured millions of dollars of funded research to advance materials development for the industry. As Essentium’s principal investigator (PI) for projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Elisa has successfully completed SBIR Phase II projects.

Prior to her current role, Elisa served as COO for Essentium, where she led operations alongside and technology research efforts. During this time, Elisa directed large scale projects with aerospace, consumer goods, and automotive OEMs and suppliers to ensure successful commercialization of materials and technology.

Elisa’s background not only includes material development and generating patent applications for new technologies using waste streams, her experience also extends to sustainable community development including working for the Earth Institute at Columbia University, as well as overseas with the offices of three former First Ladies.

Elisa holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from CU Boulder where she studied engineering systems which transcend multi-disciplinary boundaries of manufacturing, entrepreneurship, commerce, civic systems, infrastructure, and development. Elisa also holds a masters with an emphasis in materials and manufacturing from Baylor University, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. Elisa received the Commercialization Rising Star Award, Research Valley Partnership, in 2015 and 1st place in the U.S. / Finalist Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition, Ins. of Materials Minerals and Mining in 2011.

Ryan Vano

Ryan Vano is head of filament production and co-founder of Essentium, Inc. Ryan is responsible for developing and launching class-leading functional filaments for additive manufacturing applications, helping customers make the leap from prototyping to full-scale production.

In this role, Ryan created the first multi-layer thermoplastic filament for additive manufacturing and led the development and production of an entire portfolio of engineering grade materials. Ryan has helped to generate more than $3M in funded research activities which have resulted in the development and launch of multiple innovative products to fuel the additive production of strong, durable and stable parts with the best accuracy and repeatability of any 3D printing technology.

Prior to his current role, Ryan was head of manufacturing for Essentium where he designed, installed, and commissioned a new filament production line and launched a staggering 20 new products and implemented lean and 5S principles to reduce scrap by 100 percent in six months.

Ryan has nearly 10 years of experience building and working in technology start-ups in additive manufacturing, materials science, and automotive industries. He has extensive technical expertise in thermoplastic materials, extrusion, processing, lean production methods, product development, and plant engineering.

Ryan was previously a senior research and development engineer for Natural Composites Inc. where he was responsible for R&D and supply chain efforts for a U.S. $1.2M National Science Foundation (NSF) funded SBIR Phase I-IIB project. He also launched the company’s first fiber composites products in new innovative applications and developed mechanical and interfacial properties for nonwoven fiber composites with natural and recycled content.

Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Baylor University. He also holds a Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate from the Baylor Hankamer School of Business.