Ultrafuse TPU95A

We engineered our TPU line to be both elastic and tough, while also exhibiting good abrasion resistance and excellent grip.

Essentium’s Ultrafuse TPU filament featuring BASF’s Elastollan® was specially engineered to provide a balance of toughness and rigidness. This material is perfect for prints that need superior flexibility, grip, and resistance to oils and abrasions. The outstanding mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, and good damping behavior make this filament ideal for use in applications such as protective cases, shoe soles, and energy-absorbing lattices.

Flexible Filament

If you are looking for flexible filament, Ultrafuse TPU 95A offers superior mechanical properties. This material provides prints that are flexible and strong. Use TPU 95A for a variety of end use parts that require elasticity.


Exceptional Toughness

TPU is known for its superior toughness. This flexible material is great for a variety of applications due to it’s elasticity. Ultrafuse TPU 95A boasts excellent strength even when stretched. TPU 95A offers high impact strength and consistent bonding.


Abrasion Resistant

Essentium TPU provides abrasion resistance that makes it great for a variety of applications. In addition to abrasion resistance, TPU 95A is chemical resistant as well. Combine abrasion and chemical resistance with TPU’s exceptional toughness and you have an incredibly versatile material for functional parts.


Weight                    1 Kg

Spool Size              750 g, 2 kg

Diameter                1.75mm, 2.85mm

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