Stacker S4 Package With FlashFuse Product

Introducing the all new Stacker S4 Package, which is the first integration of the groundbreaking FlashFuse technology. 

With the Stacker S4 Package, you receive a Stacker S4 with FlashFuse, an Essentium Industrial DryBox, and dedicated application support from Essentium.

Stacker S4 Features and Benefits:

  • Print up to four parts at once – 4x print speeds
    • Group heads together for multi-material prints
  • Heated print bed
  • Build area up to 345mm x 520mm
  • Print parts up to 650mm tall (25½”)
  • Integrated casters for mobile printing
  • Safe to use in any environment
  • Includes Simplify3D®, professional 3D printing software
  • Made in USA

Essentium Industrial Drybox 

  • The Essentium Industrial Drybox has the capacity to store up to six 2kg spools
  • Includes four direct feed ports
  • Ideal for use with filaments that uptake moisture.
  • Utilizes an auto-regenerating technology which monitors and maintains a relative humidity reading of below 5%, which is 4x more effective than any other drying solution on the market currently.

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