Essentium TPU FR

Essentium TPU FR is the most flexible flame retardant filament on the market. For the first time ever, printers no longer have to compromise between flexible or flame retardant. Prints with TPU FR are flexible prints that can take the heat.


Flame Retardant

In the past printers have had to choose, flexible or flame retardant? You don’t have to compromise any longer. TPU FR is the most flexible flame retardant filament on the market providing incredibly versatile functional parts.

Exceptional Toughness

TPU is known for its superior toughness. This flexible material is great for a variety of applications due to it’s elasticity. Essentium TPU FR boasts excellent strength even when stretched. TPU FR offers high impact strength and consistent bonding.

Flexible Filament

If you are looking for flexible filament, Essentium TPU FR offers superior mechanical properties. This material provides prints that are flexible and strong. Use TPU FR for a variety of end use parts that require elasticity.

Mechanical Properties

Interested in the mechanical properties of TPU FR? Download the Technical Data Sheet Below.



Weight                   N/A

Diameter               1.75mm, 2.85mm

Spool Size            500g, 1 Kg

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