• Humidity controlled storage for all types of filament

• Prevents moisture absorption

– Get stronger prints
– Avoid wasting moisture contaminated prints

• Drying by membrane, not heat

– Heat drying can weaken material

• Designed for convenience and ease of use

– Easily switch spools
– Make changes even while printing – No consumable parts
– No desiccants to replace
– No water tanks to empty

• Easy to monitor and adjust settings

– Digital hydrometer included to set and monitor humidity

• Four filament feed ports

– Print directly from an Essentium Drybox

• Unique desiccant based solution

– Utilizes an auto regenerating technology - No other dryboxes have this feature

• Hands-off solution

  • –  Monitor and maintain relative humidity inside the box

  • –  Lower humidity levels than any other drybox on the market

  • –  Uses multi-porous molecular sieve desiccants


Stores: Up to Six 2.5kg Spools

Humidity Level: <5% RH

Internal Dimensions: 16” W x 30” H x 14” D

External Dimensions: 18.5” W x 34” H x 18.5” D



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