A PLA That’s Changing The Game!

A PLA That’s Changing The Game!

PLA has long been a filament of choice for many FDM 3D printing users. The reason is simple. It’s ease of use when printing; alongside its passable mechanical properties makes for an excellent plastic for beginners in 3D printing.

However, as prints start requiring different strengths and structural capabilities, PLA quickly falls down the list of materials you would want to use. While the mechanical properties of PLA are suitable for some use cases, PLA is consistently one of the weaker materials used for 3D printing. ABS, another popular 3D printing filament, outperforms it in nearly every mechanical property category. Although ABS is mechanically superior to PLA, it isn’t necessarily the best alternative. ABS does not have the ease of printability that has come to be known with PLA. 3D printers require enclosures in order to print ABS due to the fumes it gives off while printing. In addition, warping is a frustrating issue that has been known to plague ABS.

High Strength & Performance

Essentium Engineering Grade PLA has been specifically designed for use in additive manufacturing. Our PLA formulation has superior tensile strength, elastic modulus, and impact resistance in comparison to standard PLA. Furthermore, our PLA has a high heat deflection temperature stemming from its excellent heat-resistance and faster crystallization rates. This PLA prints with exceptional detail at high speeds, less warping, and good bed adhesion. All of this means that you get the performance of an engineering grade material with the printability of standard PLA.


With the superior heat resistance and mechanical properties of our PLA, we provide strength and toughness you can rely on while still giving you the same ease of use as traditional PLA.
• Engineering grade performance with the convenience of PLA
• Superior tensile strength
• Improved elastic modulus
• Better impact resistance
• Vastly increased thermal stability (2X vs regular PLA!)
• Fewer nozzle jams
Available in a variety of new colors, we’re sure that you will find the perfect choice for you.


Ever thought about baking your print? Probably not, but it’s an effective way to make a high strength PLA part. Annealing is when you heat a part and allow it to cool slowly, which in turn removes internal stresses and toughens it. We recommend baking your Essentium PLA printed part for twenty minutes at 110ºC. See the structural improvements of annealed vs. standard PLA on our PLA Technical Data Sheet.


Our Engineering Grade PLA outperforms nearly all PLA’s on the market and offers easy printability. Annealing PLA will easily surpass the mechanical properties of ABS. Engineering Grade PLA even comes in colored variants as well for fun prints. If you’re looking for a filament that is strong and easy to print with at an affordable price, check out Essentium Engineering Grade PLA and start building your world.

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