Industrial Grade Materials

General Purpose

Essentium’s general purpose filaments deliver an engineering-grade performance for a wide variety of uses. From PLA to PA, these materials offer the exceptional strength and durability needed for demanding applications.

Essentium PCTG

Essentium’s PCTG is an easy-to-use material with incredible surface finish, superior toughness, and chemical resistance – use it just like PETG.


Essentium PLA XTR

Essentium PLA XTR is specifically designed to solve many of the common issues plaguing current PLA offerings.


Essentium PA (Nylon)

Essentium PA (Nylon) provides exceptional strength and durability while retaining a surprising amount of stiffness. BASF formulated, Essentium produced.


Essentium PA-CF

PA-CF provides strong, durable, and heat resistant prints. BASF formulated, Essentium produced.


The Z Collection

Essentium’s line of industrial-grade filaments that are ESD safe. Essentium’s ESD materials are proven to succeed in an industrial setting. With non-marring surface properties, you don’t have to worry about latent failures in electronics. These materials are the only industrially proven, safe material for ESD sensitive applications where you need a material that you must trust.

Essentium PCTG – Z

Essentium PCTG – Z is specially formulated to be ESD-safe. It is an easy to print material with significantly increased impact strength when compared to PETG.


Flame Retardant Collection

Select from exceptionally flexible, strong, and heat resistant materials.

Low Friction Collection

Essentium’s low friction collection has a low friction surface that allows for easier feeding while printing. These materials balance high elongation with impressive impact resistance and tensile strength.

High-Temp Collection

Essentium’s new high-temperature range of materials were designed to deliver high heat, chemical, and fatigue resistance, as well as high strength for industrial applications while being as easy to print as Polylactic Acid (PLA) thermoplastics at low print temperatures.

Essentium HTN

Essentium HTN (high-temperature nylon) is a polyamide based chemistry that has improved mechanical and thermal properties compared to standard nylons.


Drying Solutions

Humidity controlled storage for all types of filament which helps to prevent moisture absorption and increase performance of materials.

Essentium’s entire line of engineering grade materials are developed and produced by experienced material scientists allowing us to optimize the polymer and composite chemistry to produce the highest quality performance materials on the market.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and processes and our team’s dedication to excellence ensures that all Essentium filament is produced to the highest quality standard so you know you are getting quality you can count on.