Introducing: FuseBox

Bringing the strength of injection molded parts to 3D printing. The groundbreaking technology that’s changing 3D printing for good. FlashFuseTM is an electric welding process that combines nanomaterial technology and advanced 3D printing techniques to solve the Z-strength issue that has plagued FDM printed parts since inception. For the first time in FDM, functional printing has become a reality.
Our electric welding technology fuses the individual layers in the printed part together inside the printer as the parts are being built. No postprocessing. You pull the part off the bed and it's ready to go! Our technology is scalable and can be applied to any type of thermoplastic.

Watch How FlashFuse Works

Our current FuseBox offering is available through a limited release integration partnership with Stacker 3D printers.

Starting this spring we will be releasing a limited number of packages with install and training included.

FuseBox Equipped Stacker S4


Bringing exceptionally strong parts to a fast and reliable printer. With the addition of Essentium FuseBox the Stacker S4 is able to handle a variety of print jobs and provide never seen before strength in a 3D printed part. Print isotropic parts with a FuseBox equipped S4.

The Stacker S4 Package also includes the Essentium Industrial Drybox which has the capacity to store up to six 2kg spools, includes direct feed ports, and is ideal for use with filaments that uptake moisture. The drybox utilizes an auto-regenerating technology which monitors and maintains a relative humidity reading of below 5%, which is 4x more effective than any other drying solution on the market currently.

Let’s Talk About How FuseBoxTM Could Help Your Manufacturing Processes