Essentium PLA Case Study

Essentium’s mission is to create the next generation of essential materials. In keeping with that purpose, we have developed a suite of premium, 3D printing filament. With our first commercial filament launch, Essentium is proud to introduce our high-strength, technical PLA. This PLA offers all the usability and printability of traditional PLA with significantly improved mechanical properties.

Essentium PLA offers nearly 50% improvement in tensile strength, over 100% increase in flexural strength, and 140% increase in heat deflection temperature when compared to traditional PLAs.

Additionally, all of our filament is manufactured in the United States on state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to offer one of the tightest diameter and ovality variances on the market (on par with ColorFabb ProSeries PLA!). This tight quality control ensures that our users avoid unnecessary jamming, voids, or print defects and instead, receive the highest print quality and resolution possible.

These improvements have opened the door to a whole new array of possible applications for PLA, allowing our customers to utilize the printability of PLA in areas that they previously would have thought to be impossible.

Here are just some of the ways our beta customers used this new filament. Get yours today, and get printing tomorrow!

Your PLA is ridiculous!
Cole Nielson, CEO of Orbital Composites

Cole realized that the impCarbon-Fiber Wrappingroved mechanical properties were such that he could use the PLA as the base resin for carbon fiber filament wrapping. He noticed that the high melt flow material gives good adhesion between polymer and fiber. Additionally, the improved mechanical properties increase overall strength of the composite, and the high, heat-deflection temperatures allow for usage in advanced applications. With all this in mind, he excitedly reported that he plans to use carbon-fiber wrapped Essentium PLA to construct the bodies of his rocket motors, something he never thought he could do with PLA.


The filament is noticeably stronger than normal PLA.
Johnny T. Nelson III, Electrical Engineer for Lockheed Martin

Yamaha GuardFrom the fun to the functional, Johnny was able to utilize the usability of the PLA to create a high quality model of Ultron’s mask and Zelda’s sword, but the heat deflection temperature was such that he was also able to use Essentium PLA to make an exhaust guard for his Yamaha motorcycle which endured temperatures exceeding 250 degrees Farhenheit.




This palm…is much stronger and lighter than the other PLA model I made, and I am excited to see how it holds up to a small child using it.
Aaron Chow, Electrical Engineering student at The University of Michigan

Aaron runs an organization of fellow students whose aim is to use 3D printing to provide low cost, robotic, prosthetic limbs to children around the world. With Essentium PLA, Aaron felt confident to print this palm of a pediatric, prosthetic hand for use later this year. The remainder of the arm will be printed soon and it will be fitted on a local child in August.




It has the ease of printing that I’ve always enjoyed from other PLAs, but it is much stronger and tougher.
Alex Stockton, Mechanical Engineer at TriFusion Devices

TriFusionAt TriFusion Devices, Alex and the rest of the team use cutting-edge 3D printing techniques to build human interfacing devices. Given the stress and wear that is required of most of the devices that TriFusion produces, Alex needs high-strength filament. With Essentium’s PLA, he was able to print this test socket for a prosthetic limb. The translucence of the natural color, the precision attainable through the filament’s printability and its exceptional mechanical properties make Essentium’s PLA an ideal choice for Alex’s applications.





From rockets and motorcycles to prosthetic limbs, Essentium’s PLA is already changing the way the world thinks about PLA. Join us and our worldwide network of partners in exploring what’s possible with this next generation, essential material.

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