Essentium Z - PA (Nylon) - FlashFuse Filament

Introducing Essentium’s new line of industrial grade filaments that are ready to be used with Essentium's FlashFuse technology. Essentium Z Filament is coated in energy-responsive carbon nanotubes and utilized to complement the FlashFuse™ technology, ensuring your parts are printed with the strength you need. 

Now you are able to achieve injection molded strength from a 3D printed part by using the combination of Ultrafuse Z - PA (Nylon) filament and Essentium's FlashFuse technology. You also maintain the properties of the underlying thermoplastic.   

Material             Essentium Z -  PA (Nylon) 

Diameter            1.75mm, 2.85mm

Spool Size         2 Kg Case (5 Units), 750 Case (16 Units), 750 G, 2 Kg

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