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  • The Essential Guide: 3D printing filament for functional printing

    The Exotic Filament Guide for Functional Printing


    Overview: Why would you 3D print with plastics instead of metals?


    Two Primary Reasons to Print with Plastic Instead of Metal:

    1. Decrease cost
    2. Excellent strength to weight ratio.

    Here’s what you can expect from exotic materials:

    • They have exceptional mechanical properties that can replace metal parts in some cases

    • You need to be careful with material storage (that’s why we are releasing an industrial DryBox)

    • The materials can be challenging to print

    • If you need chemical resistant properties, exotics are your best bet



    This material is an excellent introduction to exotics. PA/CF is easy to print, and still retains the durability that many functional prints need. If you need more strength, try Essentium FlashFuse™ PA/CF. Print this material using any FuseBox™-equipped printer.


    PA/CF is very easy to print
    High strength for a variety of functional applications
    Increased stiffness but still durable like PA
    Cost effective for many functional applications


    Requires mositure caretaking
    There are other materials that are stronger


    Peek is an excellent material for functional applications that need strength . Keep in mind PEEK’s anisotropy when desiging your part. Place open spools in an industrial-grade DryBox. This prevents filament from absorbing moisture in the air.


    PEEK is the strongest Essentium material available
    Extreme chemical resistance
    High heat deflection


    Z-strength is a serious issue for all exotics but especially PEEK
    Can be challenging to print


    PESU is an exotic material developed using BASF Ultrason.


    High strength to weight ratio
    Lower cost than PEEK
    High heat deflection


    PESU has far less chemical resistance when compared to PEEK
    Z-strength issues like PEEK


    What does carbon fiber do? Expect parts to be able to resist heat at a much higher temperature. Additionally, you will see strength and stiffness improvements.


    PESU/CF is
    High stiffness
    High heat deflection


    Z-strength issues
    Challenging to print

    Applications for 3D Printed PESU/CF

    Injection Molded Tooling Replacement
  • Essentium Polyamide Filament PA like nylon filament Your Guide to Printing with Polyamide Filament

    Printing With Polyamide (Nylon)


    Introducing the latest in the Essentium lineup of engineering grade filaments, Essentium PA.  Specially formulated by BASF, Essentium PA is well suited for 3D printing, providing exceptional strength and durability while retaining a surprising amount of stiffness.  Good melt flow properties also allow for easy use and consistent prints which is one of the most important properties for FFF printing. Continue Reading

  • EssentiumU: 3D Printing for Educators, Universities, and Students

    EssentiumU: 3D Printing for Educators, Universities, and Students


    We developed EssentiumU to engage with top-tier schools looking to lead the way in utilizing 3D printing in the classroom. We bring educators together to share ideas, discuss methods, and build the 3D printing community as it educates today’s students. In addition, we provide high-quality materials at a discount to educators and their students to ensure that institutions have access to the latest 3D printing developments.

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Make Stronger 3D Printed Parts

    5 Easy Ways to Make Stronger 3D Printed Parts


    3D printed parts tend to be brittle and weak if poorly designed. Using a combination of good design practices, smart print settings, and high quality filament, you can dramatically increase the strength of your parts without breaking the bank. Continue Reading

  • PCTG vs. PETG: What’s the difference?

    “PCTG contains all the qualities that we enjoy in PETG while also providing several distinct advantages.”

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  • A PLA That’s Changing The Game!

    A PLA That’s Changing The Game!

    PLA has long been a filament of choice for many FDM 3D printing users. The reason is simple. It’s ease of use when printing; alongside its passable mechanical properties makes for an excellent plastic for beginners in 3D printing.
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  • 7 Unique 3D Printing Filaments

    new-piktochart_882_89478d33543519f044635e0bf885d41cb4b2bb4d (1) Continue Reading

  • Material Offerings

    Essentium is proud to announce the launch of our first set of filaments, now available for purchase online. These materials and formulations were carefully selected for an optimal set of various qualities to ensure that we can provide an ideal solution for a variety of printing applications. Our first suite of filament offerings includes our High-Performance PLA, Copolyester PCTG, and Carbon Fiber-filled Polycarbonate. Made in the USA, our materials are produced to meet the strictest industry standards to ensure an optimal printing experience.

    Essentium High Performance PLA

    “Your PLA is ridiculous!”
    – Cole Nielson, CEO of Orbital Composites Continue Reading

  • Essentium Uses Polycarbonate and Chopped Carbon Fibers to Create the Engineer’s Dream

    Biomedical Device At Essentium, our polycarbonate composites are an engineer’s dream. This material exhibits excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and heat resistance. Reinforced with carbon fiber, this filament has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, giving you more for less. From quadcopters and biomedical devices to tooling and fixturing, our PC/CF allows you to create parts that are limited only by your imagination.

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  • Essentium PLA Case Study

    Essentium’s mission is to create the next generation of essential materials. In keeping with that purpose, we have developed a suite of premium, 3D printing filament. With our first commercial filament launch, Essentium is proud to introduce our high-strength, technical PLA. This PLA offers all the usability and printability of traditional PLA with significantly improved mechanical properties.

    Essentium PLA offers nearly 50% improvement in tensile strength, over 100% increase in flexural strength, and 140% increase in heat deflection temperature when compared to traditional PLAs. Continue Reading