• Essentium Materials and TriFusion Devices Partner to Make a Prosthetic Leg for Capt. Chad Fleming

    U.S. Army Captain, Chad Fleming, is a highly decorated Army Ranger who served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and, although he doesn’t like the term applied to him, is a true American hero. On October 5, 2005, Chad was on a mission in northern Iraq when his convoy was ambushed. Hit with bullets and hand grenades, Chad received several injuries that required a trans-tibial amputation of part of his left leg. What makes Chad truly unique was his determination to rejoin his team following his injury. Defying what doctors and surgeons thought possible, he returned to combat not one, but five times. Continue Reading

  • Material Offerings

    Essentium is proud to announce the launch of our first set of filaments, now available for purchase online. These materials and formulations were carefully selected for an optimal set of various qualities to ensure that we can provide an ideal solution for a variety of printing applications. Our first suite of filament offerings includes our High-Performance PLA, Copolyester PCTG, and Carbon Fiber-filled Polycarbonate. Made in the USA, our materials are produced to meet the strictest industry standards to ensure an optimal printing experience.

    Essentium High Performance PLA

    “Your PLA is ridiculous!”
    – Cole Nielson, CEO of Orbital Composites Continue Reading

  • Essentium Uses Polycarbonate and Chopped Carbon Fibers to Create the Engineer’s Dream

    Biomedical Device At Essentium, our polycarbonate composites are an engineer’s dream. This material exhibits excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and heat resistance. Reinforced with carbon fiber, this filament has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, giving you more for less. From quadcopters and biomedical devices to tooling and fixturing, our PC/CF allows you to create parts that are limited only by your imagination.

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  • Essentium PLA Case Study

    Essentium’s mission is to create the next generation of essential materials. In keeping with that purpose, we have developed a suite of premium, 3D printing filament. With our first commercial filament launch, Essentium is proud to introduce our high-strength, technical PLA. This PLA offers all the usability and printability of traditional PLA with significantly improved mechanical properties.

    Essentium PLA offers nearly 50% improvement in tensile strength, over 100% increase in flexural strength, and 140% increase in heat deflection temperature when compared to traditional PLAs. Continue Reading