EssentiumU: 3D Printing for Educators, Universities, and Students

EssentiumU: 3D Printing for Educators, Universities, and Students


We developed EssentiumU to engage with top-tier schools looking to lead the way in utilizing 3D printing in the classroom. We bring educators together to share ideas, discuss methods, and build the 3D printing community as it educates today’s students. In addition, we provide high-quality materials at a discount to educators and their students to ensure that institutions have access to the latest 3D printing developments.


Leading in the classroom, Leading in the workforce

Young innovators have taken technology to new heights over the past 20 years. As the popularity of 3D printing rises, it becomes more important to have experience and knowledge of the benefits that 3D printing can bring to a company. Valuable students are able to draw insight from their classroom experiences and apply them in innovative ways in the workforce. It is up to us to ensure that students get experience with the latest in technological innovations to prepare them to lead in the workforce.


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Access to the Latest Technologies

Development of EssentiumU came from our close relationship to Texas A&M. We began supplying their materials and as we worked more closely with them we recognized that while educational institutions were home to many of the founding points of industry innovation, they were not being supported by industry as much as we thought they should. EssentiumU stands to unite industry and education so that students can thrive. We do this by providing universities with partnerships to world-class materials, printers, and software, bringing the best of industry into the classroom.


Educator Collaboration

As EssentiumU is developed, educators from across the country are able to collaborate on lesson plans and build comraderie with their peers. The EssentiumU forum will be released soon to provide a platform for educators to share ideas and best practices on how to teach 3D printing in the classroom. Collaborative educational conferences are another great place for educators to work together. We attended the inagural Construct3D hosted by Duke University. Events like these that bring educators together are excellent for industry and academia.


“Essentium’s Partner Program has helped my students so much. Alongside the incredible materials, they’ve provided support, engaged in partnership opportunities and have helped with developing a greater 3D printing program for the university”


– Jim Wilson EIC Technology Director, Texas A&M University


EssentiumU 3d printing filament for universities educators and students


Internship Experience

Classroom education is critical, but students need a place to apply what they have learned. This is why our internship program is directly linked to EssentiumU. We want to bring the best and brightest from across the globe and give access and education to how exceptional materials are made. We offer paid internships in engineering, manufacturing, and business development to give students an opportunity to further their education.


3D printing is playing a pivotal role in our economy. To best prepare our future engineers we need to provide them with the best materials, printers, and software possible. Future investments in young people will bring untold benefits to our economy. Join us as EssentiumU supports top educational institutions around the country to unite students, educators, and industry.


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