Injection Molded Strength From a 3D Printer

At Essentium, we are addressing one of the main issues that has plagued manufacturers from adopting 3D printing into their operations at scale – weak 3D printed parts.
Our FlashFuse technology is a two-part solution that combines material science innovation and a hardware technology that harnesses the power of Plasma to weld a 3D printed part during the printing process .

Step 1. FuseBox & Printer Integration

The first step in the FlashFuse™ process is attaching a Fusebox™ to a printer. With this addition the printer is now compatible with FlashFuse™ Filament, making isotropric prints possible on any FuseBox™ enabled platform.

Step 2. FlashFuse Filament

The second step in the FlashFuse™ process is printing with FlashFuse™ Filament. FlashFuse™ Filament is coated in energy-responsive carbon nanotubes and utilized to complement the Fusebox™, ensuring your parts are printed with the strength you need.

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The Essentium Difference

Essentium & BASF

BASF and Essentium are combining their core strengths to provide a range of polymer filament solutions that overcome the traditional interlayer weakness of 3D printed parts. Combining BASF’s strengths in chemistry with Essentium’s FlashFuse™ technology, together they will be able to provide high quality solutions for functional additive manufacturing. This partnership will allow customers to create highly functional, high quality parts produced by Fused Filament Fabrication.

Innovative Technology

FuseBox™ & FlashFuse™ are the groundbreaking technologies that are changing 3D printing for good. FlashFuse™ is an electric welding process utilizing a hardware device, FuseBox™, that combines nanomaterial technology and advanced 3D printing techniques to solve the Z-strength issue that has plagued FDM printed parts since inception. For the first time in FDM, functional printing has become a reality.

Materials Expertise

Essentium employs a team of in-house material scientists and chemical engineers dedicated to creating the best filament offerings. Sourcing quality materials and creating innovative filament is one reason why customers love printing with Essentium filament. In addition, we rely heavily on customer feedback through our EssentiumBeta program which provides free developmental filament for feedback testing.