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High Speed Extrusion (HSE) Platform

At 10x faster than the competition, the HSE platform is built to transform manufacturing floors and solve the issues of strength, speed, and cost. Manufacturers can finally harness the power of 3D printing at scale without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

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Solving z-strength



Bringing exceptionally strong parts to a fast and reliable printer. With the addition of FlashFuse, the Stacker S4 is able to handle a variety of print jobs and provide never seen before strength in a 3D printed part. 

The Stacker S4 Package also includes the Essentium Industrial DryBox, which has the capacity to store up to six 2kg spools, includes direct feed ports, and is ideal for use with filaments that uptake moisture. The DryBox utilizes an auto-regenerating technology which monitors and maintains a relative humidity reading of below five percent.

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